WebMedia Challenge

The WebMedia Challenge is the first WebMedia community event focused on solving challenges resulting from the heterogeneous data stream that is generated in this hyper-connected world. 

This competition will be held in partnership with Localiza through Localiza Labs’ Data Science and Analytics Directorate.

Through this competition, WebMedia brings to the scientific community an extremely challenging market topic: how to use sensing data to provide mobility solutions that make traffic a safer place. Check out more details about this challenge and how to participate below!

General Information

With the evolution of vehicle sensing devices, it became possible to monitor telemetry data (general vehicle conditions, driving patterns, location, etc.) for a large part of the company’s fleet.

This monitoring enables a better understanding of drivers’ driving and usage patterns, more precise control over the need for fleet maintenance, and also opens up possibilities for the detection and prediction of abnormal events such as accidents, theft, and robbery.

Localiza offers several car rental services, including short-term and long-term segments. While in the former contracts generally last for a few days, in the latter contracts can have indefinite terms of duration. Especially for long-term cases, for which risk factors gain importance given the length of exposure, it is important to understand whether drivers have driving patterns that may increase their chance of incurring accidents. Identifying these patterns and promoting actions to mitigate them is an important action to promote more safety for the traffic as a whole and in particular for Localiza clients.

Armed with data related to the driver profile (driving behaviors, history of violations, etc), vehicle information (occurrences in other accidents), telemetry data from the moving vehicle, and other information regarding the environment, it is expected that it will be possible to predict the occurrence of an accident in advance or even during the rental contract.


The three best teams will be invited to present their solution during WebMedia 2022. The ranking will be announced during the closing session and the three teams will receive prizes, according to their placement! The prizes will be 3 Alexa Generation 4 plus airfare, lodging, and registration to participate in WebMedia 22!


The data and further details of the problem are available in Kaggle. Request the access link using the form available at this LINK.


  • One account per participant: you cannot sign up for Kaggle from multiple accounts, and therefore you cannot submit from multiple accounts.
  • No private sharing outside teams: no private sharing of code or data outside teams is allowed. It is okay to share code if it is made available to all participants in the forums.
  • Team limits: the maximum team size is three people. Teams with more than 3 participants will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Submission limits: you can submit a maximum of 10 entries per day and select up to 2 final submissions to judge.

Important Dates

  • Solutions submission deadline: September 25, 2022
  • Top three teams announced: September 30, 2022
  • Presentations: during WebMedia between November 8th and November 10th (to be confirmed)
  • Announcement of the final result: during the dinner on November 10, 2022

Competition Organization

  • Angelo Ciarlini, Localiza
  • Diego Roberto Colombo Dias, UFSJ
  • Flavio Vinicius Diniz de Figueiredo, UFMG
  • José Ricardo Gonçalvez, Localiza
  • Samuel Oliveira, Localiza
  • Vinícius Fernandes Soares Mota, UFES