Accepted Papers | Luiz Fernando de Computação (LF) Award

The Luiz Fernando Award is promoted by the SBC’s Special Committee for Multimedia and Web Systems (CE-WebMedia) and aims to reward professors and students of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) involved in innovation projects, completed or in progress, that have a social impact and contribute to the improvement of society.

Accepted Articles | LF

e-SUS Territory Application: Tool for territory management in Primary Health Care in Brazil

Ianka Celuppi (UFSC), Jades Fernando Hammes (UFSC), Eduardo Dalmarco (UFSC), Raul Wazlawick (UFSC), Ricardo Camargo Prado (UFSC)

NextGISSA, an Intelligent System for Monitoring and Predicting Hypertension in a Digital Health Platform

Francisco Junior (IFCE), Joyce Quintino (UFC), Renato Freitas (IFCE), Luiz Odorico Monteiro de Andrade (UFC), Ivana Barreto (FIOCRUZ), Mauro Oliveira (IFCE)

MannaKDT: A Practical Approach to Multimodal and Multidimensional Learning in Education 5.0

Felippe da Silva (UEM), Linnyer Ruiz (UEM)