Scientific Initiation Works Competition (CTIC) | selected works for on-site presentation

The Scientific Initiation Paper Contest (CTIC) aims to encourage students from all undergraduate courses to produce original scientific texts about work they have done, on topics related to the areas of Multimedia Systems and the Web. The event selects for publication in the proceedings exceptional work developed by undergraduate students, which may be awarded during the event.

The papers listed below have been selected for presentation in person during WebMedia and will compete for the award.

IC Papers selected for presentation during WebMedia

Mood Analysis during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Brazil through Music

Bruna C. Melo (UFMG), Gabriel P. Oliveira (UFMG), Mirella Moro (UFMG)

What Makes a Book Successful? A Study on Portuguese-language Literature

Clarisse Scofield (UFMG), Mirella Moro (UFMG), Mariana O. Silva (UFMG)

An Investigation of the Potential of (Sub)Attribute Sets for Detecting Disseminated Misinformation in WhastApp

Patrick de Angeli (UFV), Julio Reis (UFV)

Using representation learning for IoT social tie classification

Jamisson Junior (UFOP), Thiago Figueiredo (UFOP), Ramon Lopes (UFRB), Luiz Torres (UFOP), Bruno Pereira Santos (UFOP)

Developing a System for Graphical Analysis of Brainwaves During Media Consumption

Isaac Marinho (UFPB), Matheus Cavalcanti (UFPB), Thiago Silva (UFPB), Valdecir Becker (UFSC)

Multilayered Analysis of Urban Mobility

Fernanda Gubert (UTFPR), Anelise Munaretto (UTFPR), Thiago Henrique Silva (UTFPR)

Orbit A.R.: Looking at the cosmos through Augmented Reality

Ruben Ferreira (UFPEL), Marcelo Siedler (IFSul), Rafael Cardoso (IFSul)