W4E | WebMedia for Everyone (free event - open to the community)

WebMedia for Everyone (W4E) is a forum for discussion about how the WebMedia community could better incorporate diversity in various perspectives, including research and outreach projects.

At the international level, SIGMM has recently created the role of Director of Diversity and Outreach to actively drive and develop diversity support actions, as well as information and service dissemination efforts.

From WebMedia4Everyone, we will start a national initiative to support these actions. In 2022, we will invite researchers and industry members to a discussion.

More Information

Access to WebMedia for Everyone will be free of charge, i.e. it is not linked to WebMedia membership. The event will take place on 09/Nov, at 4pm, at the UTFPR Curitiba campus. Follow our social networks for more information!

Confirmed Attendances

Vagner Diniz

Manager | Center for Web Technology Studies – NIC.br

In-depth knowledge of best practices in the use of information and communication technology in public management for developing citizenship, strengthening democracy, and improving the public services delivered to citizens. Evangelist of web standards as a powerful tool for adding value in the use of the Internet.

Nathally Souza

Tech Lead | Itaú

Nathally Souza, trans woman and developer living in São Paulo. After 10 years as a journalist, I migrated to the world of technology and currently work as a tech lead at Itaú. Besides the world in front of the lines of code and pipelines, I am passionate about soccer, obviously a Flamenguista, a born pagodeira fan, and vain: I never leave home without at least applying foundation and mascara.

Camila Bellato

Transformation Lead – Digital Accessibility | Zup Innovation

Camila has a degree in administration from the Santa Catarina State University (UDESC) and a post-graduate degree in entrepreneurship and social business from the Amani Institute. Passionate about human development and leadership, she volunteered during college at AIESEC and worked at Fundação Estudar with educational methodologies. She currently works at Zup, a technology company of the Itaú group, where she participated in the structuring of the Diversity and Inclusion area. He discovered his passion for accessibility when he implemented a technology training program for the inclusion of people with disabilities. He is currently a transformation lead on digital accessibility and an expert on inclusive practices aimed at this public.

Erica Marques

Founding partner at Sprint XP | GBG Curitiba

In 2014 I attended Google training to be a Design Sprint facilitator (Sprint Master) with updates in Google Singapore (2017), Silicon Valley (2018), New York (2019) and at MIT with Jake Knapp – creator of the methodology (2020). Passionate about innovation, I collaborate with the development of the Innovation ecosystem in several spheres: universities, support institutions, innovation habitats, accelerators, mentorships, startups and communities. I actively participate as a speaker, mentor, facilitator, organizer and juror in several programs in Brazil and abroad such as Google Community Summit Singapore, Google Startup Launch, PIBEP PUCPR, Hackathons (ONU – Campus Party, Paraná, OAB, Quantum, SENDI, etc.), Startup Weekends, Campus Party, Coworking Day, etc. (2005 – now)

Reinaldo Ferraz

Project Manager | NIC.br

Graduated in design and computer graphics and post graduated in hypermedia design from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in São Paulo. He has been working with web development since 1998. Coordinates NIC.br web accessibility initiatives and projects related to the Open Web Platform, Digital Publishing and the Web of Things. NIC.br representative in international W3C working groups on Web Accessibility, Digital Publishing and Web of Things. Author of four books, two of them on Web Accessibility. Passionate about accessibility, usability, web standards, HTML, CSS and sugar-free coffee.


Roberto Pereira

Professor | Federal University of Paraná

Adjunct Professor at the Informatics Department of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR). PhD in Computer Science from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), was a Visiting Researcher at the Informatics Research Centre at the University of Reading (UK) with a Post-Doctorate at the Computer Institute/UNICAMP, both with FAPESP Project. Vice-coordinator of the Graduate Program in Informatics at UFPR (2017-2022), he was Associate Editor of the Brazilian Journal of Informatics in Education (RBIE) and coordinator of the HCI Special Committee of SBC – Brazilian Computer Society. He is currently Associate Editor of the ACM Journal on Responsible Computing (JRC), Editor-in-Chief of SBC Horizons Magazine and of SBC Journal on Interactive Systems (JIS). Main research interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Education, Informatics in Education, and Culture and Values in the Design of Interactive Computing Systems.

Debora Christina Muchaluat Saade

Professor | Universidade Federal Fluminense

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering (1992), a master’s degree in Computer Science (1996), and a PhD in Computer Science from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (2003). She is a full professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). He was on the faculty of the Department of Telecommunications Engineering until May 2009 and since then has been on the faculty of the Computer Institute. He is a level 1D DT productivity scholar at CNPq and Scientist of Our State (CNE) at FAPERJ. He was a Young Scientist of Our State (JCNE) from 2009-2011 by FAPERJ. She was vice-coordinator of UFF’s Graduate Program in Computing, evaluated with concept 6 by CAPES, from 2017 to 2021, and also served as coordinator of UFF’s Higher Course of Technology in Computer Systems from 2014 to 2019. She was the coordinator of the Special Committee on Applied Health Computing (CE-CAS) of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) from 2017 to 2019. She founded the MídiaCom Lab at UFF in 2003 with a focus on research in computer networks and multimedia (www.midiacom.uff.br) and since then is one of the lab’s coordinators. He is a member of the Technical Module of the Brazilian Digital TV System Forum. His areas of interest are multimedia, mulsemedia, computer networks, wireless networks, smart electrical grids, Internet of Things, interactive digital television, and digital health. Participated in the development of NCL – Nested Context Language – adopted as ABNT NBR 15606-2 standard in the GINGA middleware of the Brazilian Digital TV System and as ITU-T H.761 international recommendation for IPTV services.


WebMedia 2022 General Coordination

Leyza Baldo Dorini

Thiago Henrique Silva


Roberto Pereira (UFPR)

Daniel Fernando Pigatto (UTFPR)

More names coming soon!