Accepted Articles | Full and Short Papers

Full Articles Accepted

"Click Here to Join": A Large-Scale Analysis of Topics Discussed by Brazilian Public Groups on WhatsApp

Daniel Kansaon (UFMG), Philipe Melo (UFMG), Fabricio Benevenuto (UFMG)

360RAT: A Tool for Annotating Regions of Interest in 360 Videos

Lucas Althoff (University of Poitiers – France), Myllena Prado (UnB), Mylene Farias (UnB), Ravi Prakash (University of Texas at Dallas – USA), Alessandro Silva (IFG), Marcelo Carvalho (UnB), Sana Alamgeer (UnB)

A Cascade Approach for Gender Prediction from Texts in Portuguese Language

Luiz Henrique Merschmann (UFLA), João Pedro Morais (UFLA)

A Learning-Based Framework for Depth Perception using Dense Light Field

Anderson Ferrugem (UFPel), Luciano Agostini (UFPel),
Bruno Zatt (UFPel)

A method for analysis of human temperament in contrast to social network data

Elaine Faria (UFU), Lara Martins (UFU), Maria Camila Nardini Barioni (UFU), Cássio de Alcantara (UFU), Luiz Carlos Oliveira Junior (UFU)

A Movement Analysis Application using Human Pose Estimation and Action Correction

Gisela Miranda Difini (Unisinos), Marcio Martins (Unisinos), Jorge Barbosa (Unisinos)

An Approach for Sensory Effects Dispersion Simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamics

Renato Rodrigues (CEFET/RJ),
Jose da Silva Junior (Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro), Diego Brandão (CEFET/RJ), Joel dos Santos (CEFET/RJ)

An Auto-ML Approach Applied to Text Classification

Douglas Nunes de Oliveira (UFLA), Luiz Henrique Merschmann (UFLA)

An Engine for Social IoT Autonomous Relationships Management

Leandro Camargo (UCPEL), Adenauer Yamin (UCPEL and UFPEL), Ana Marilza Pernas (UFPEL)

Analysis and Characterization of Brazilian Political Ads on Facebook

Cora Silberschneider (UFMG), Fabricio Benevenuto (UFMG), Samuel Guimarães (UFMG), Márcio Silva (UFMG)

Analysis of misinformation in the context of the coronavirus vaccination in Brazil

André Mendes (UTFPR), Luiz Celso Gomes Jr (UTFPR)

Analyzing YouTube videos shared on WhatsApp and Telegram Political Public Groups

Erica Pereira (UFMG), Philipe Melo (UFMG), Manoel Júnior (UFMG), Fabricio Benevenuto (UFMG), Julio Reis (UFV), Vitor Mafra (UFMG)

Aspect-Based Summarization: An Approach With Different Levels of Details to Explain Recommendations

Luan de Souza (USP), Marcelo Manzato (USP)

Assistive Technology as an aid to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Literature Mapping

Marcelo Siedler (IFSul), Eliana Zen (IFFarroupilha), Tatiana Tavares (UFPEL), Rafael Cardoso (IFSul)

Collaboration as a Driving Factor for Hit Song Classification

Mariana O. Silva (UFMG), Gabriel P. Oliveira (UFMG), Danilo B. Seufitelli (UFMG), Anisio Lacerda (UFMG) and Mirella M. Moro (UFMG)

Context injection in expert finding

Rodrigo Gonçalves (UFSC), Carina F. Dorneles (UFSC)

Detecting Inconsistencies in Public Bids: An Automated and Data-based Approach

Gabriel P. Oliveira (UFMG), Arthur Reis (UFMG), Lucas L. Costa (UFMG), Felipe Freitas (UFMG), Mariana O. Silva (UFMG), Samuel Oliveira (UFMG), Pedro Brum (UFMG), Michele Brandão (IFMG), Anisio Lacerda (UFMG), Gisele Pappa (UFMG)

Ethics: What is the Research Scenario in the Brazilian Symposium WebMedia?

Luiz Paulo Carvalho (UFRJ), José Suzano (UFRJ), Flavia Maria Santoro (UERJ), Jonice Oliveira (UFRJ), Maria da Graca Campos Pimentel (USP)

Evaluating Topic Modeling Pre-processing Pipelines for Portuguese Texts

Antônio Pereira (UFSJ), Pablo Cecílio (UFSJ), Felipe Viegas (UFSJ), Washington Luiz (UFSJ), Elisa Tuler (UFSJ), Leonardo Rocha (UFSJ)

Evaluation of Open-Source E-Voting Systems Using Helios Voting in Public University Elections

Cleovaldo Junior (UFAPE), Igor Vanderlei (UFPE), Jean Araujo (UFAPE), Rodrigo Rocha (UFAPE)

Full Reference Stereoscopic Objective Quality Assessment using Lightweight Machine Learning

Narúsci Bastos (UFPEL), Lucas Ribeiro dos Santos Ikenoue (UFPEL), Daniel Palomino (UFPEL), Guilherme Corrêa (UFPEL), Tatiana Tavares (UFPEL), Bruno Zatt (UFPEL)

How Politicians Communicate in Social Media: A Cross-Platform Study

Lucas Oliveira (UESB), Pedro Olmo Vaz de Melo (UFMG), Fabricio Benevenuto (UFMG), Wesley Costa (UESB)

Interactive POI Recommendation: applying a Multi-Armed Bandit framework to characterize and create new models for this scenario

Thiago Silva (UFSJ), Carlos Mito (UFSJ), Nícollas Silva (UFMG), Adriano Machado Pereira (UFMG), Leonardo Rocha (UFSJ)

Introducing Contextual Information in an Ensemble Recommendation System for Fashion Domains

Heitor Werneck (UFSJ), Carlos Mito (UFSJ), Nícollas Silva (UFMG), Adriano Machado Pereira (UFMG), Diego Colombo Dias (UFSJ), Elisa Tuler (UFSJ), Leonardo Rocha (UFSJ)

Investigating the effects of synthetic text generation for question answering: Empirical studies on E-commerce context

Victor Sotelo (UNICAMP), Julio Dos Reis (UNICAMP), Victor Hochgreb de Freitas (GoBots)

Medication time? A User Experience Evaluation of Mobile Applications targeting People with Diabetes

Maria Elanne Rodrigues (UFC), Karla Haryanna Moura (UFC), Karina Branco (UFC), Valéria Lelli (UFC), Windson Viana (UFC), Rossana Andrade (UFC – UFC), Ismayle Sousa Santos (UFC)

Homogeneous and Automated Migration of Virtual Machines Between Multiple Public Clouds

Marcus Xavier (UFPE), Ioram Sette (CESAR), Carlos Ferraz (UFPE)

Multi-Language Offloading Service: An Android Service Aimed at Mitigating the Network Consumption During Computation Offloading

Filipe de Matos (UFC), Paulo Rego (UFC), Fernando Trinta (UFC), Fernando Castor (UFPE), Wellington Oliveira (University of Lisbon )

Novel Light Field Encoding Framework Based on Optical Flow and Phase Correlation

Iago Storch (UFRGS), Douglas Corrêa (UFPEL), Igor Rosler (UFPEL), Daniel Palomino (UFPEL), Sergio Bampi (UFRGS), Bruno Zatt (UFPEL)

Real Time Detection of Mobile Graphical User Interface Elements Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Richard Degaki (UFAM), Edson Silva (UFAM), Juan Colonna (UFAM), Yadini Pérez López (SIDIA), José Reginaldo Hughes Carvalho (UFAM)

Representation model and cloud-based orchestrator for pervasive storytelling

Pedro de Almeida (UFJF), Carlos Pernisa Jr. (UFJF), Marcelo Moreno (UFJF)

Should we translate? Evaluating toxicity in online comments when translating from Portuguese to English

Jordan Kobellarz (UTFPR), Thiago Henrique Silva (UTFPR)

An Interface for Visualization of Intervention Data Applied via Mobile Devices

Leonardo Fernandes Scalco (USP), Kamila Rodrigues (USP), Maria da Graca Campos Pimentel (USP)

Uniting Politics and Pandemic: a Social Network Analysis on the COVID Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry in Brazil

Lucas Raniére Juvino Santos (UFCG), Leandro Marinho (UFCG), Claudio Campelo (UFCG)

Using Machine Learning on Testing IoT Applications: a systematic mapping

Lavinia Freitas (UFC), Valéria Lelli (UFC)

Video Summarization using Text Subjectivity Classification

Leonardo Moraes (USP), Ricardo Marcacini (USP), Rudinei Goularte (USP)

Visualization of brainwaves using EEG to map emotions with Eye Tracking to identify attention in audiovisual workpieces

Valdecir Becker (UFPB), Thiago Silva (UFPB), Matheus Cavalcanti (UFPB), Felipe Sá (UFPB), Isaac Marinho (UFPB), Daniel Cavalcanti (UFPB)

Short Articles Accepted

A Proposal to Apply SignWriting in IMSC1 Standard for the Next-Generation of Brazilian DTV Broadcasting System

Marcelo Lobeiro (SIDIA), Rodrigo Vaz (SIDIA), Luiz Gustavo Pacola Alves (SIDIA)

Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Repercussion of Police Actions

Marcos Fontes Feitosa (UFPI), Saul Rocha (UFPI), Glauber Gonçalves (UFPI), Carlos Ferreira (UFOP / UFMG), Jussara Almeida (UFMG)

Correlating Historical Events and Cinematic Releases Using Web Information

Brenno Lemos (UFSJ), Alexandre Pigozzo (UFSJ), Elisa Tuler (UFSJ), Diego Colombo Dias (UFSJ), Leonardo Rocha (UFSJ)

Human-ChatBot Interaction: measuring the psychophysiological reactions of chatbot users

Helen Santos Picoli (USP), Cynthya Oliveira (USP), Lucas de Araujo (USP), Marcelo Manzato (USP), Kamila Rodrigues (USP)

I can't pay! Accessibility analysis of mobile banking apps

Renan Lopes (UFC), Agebson Façanha (IFCE), Windson Viana (UFC)

Improving Multilabel Text Classification with Stacking and Recurrent Neural Networks

Rodrigo Mansueli (UEM), Marcos Domingues (UEM), Valéria Feltrim (UEM)

Middleware for Smart Campus applications based in Federated Learning

Lucas Emanuel dos Santos (IFPB), Rychelly Ramos (IFPB), Ruan Gomes (IFPB), Paulo Ribeiro Lins Júnior (IFPB), Aldri dos Santos (UFMG)

Once Learning for Looking and Identifying Based on YOLO-v5 Object Detection

Lucas Althoff (University of Poitiers – France), Li Weigang (UnB), Mylene Farias (UnB)

SEMcTrA: a multilayer specialized system for COVID-19 remote triage, resource allocation and teleconsultation

Herlan Assis Silva (UFERSA), Leiva Oliveira (UFERSA), Daniel Souza (UFPB)