WebMedia Challenge

About WebMedia Challenge

The WebMedia Challenge was the first WebMedia community event focused on solving challenges resulting from the heterogeneous data stream that is generated in this hyper-connected world. This competition was held in partnership with Localiza through Localiza Labs’ Data Science and Analytics Directorate. Through this competition, WebMedia brought to the scientific community an extremely challenging topic: how to use sensing data to provide mobility solutions that make traffic a safer place.

Competition Statistics

  • 32 competing teams
  • more than 100 interested parties

Top Teams

The top three teams were invited to present their strategies during WebMedia 2022. The top three teams are:

  • Artificial Psycho Killer (Humberto Brandão – team representative, João Pedro Peinado, Mário Augusto Filho)

  • Hugo Pinto

  • UFU-FACOM-Team (Fabiola Pereira)

The ranking will be announced at the closing session of WebMedia 22.

WebMedia Challenge Session Schedule

  • 14:00 Talk by Localiza Labs. The Role of Data Science and Engineering in Building the Future of Sustainable Mobility. Speaker: Samuel Oliveira
  • 14:40 Presentation of the teams with the three best solutions in the WebMedia Challenge
  • 15:10 PANEL-03 – Democratization of data access: advantages, disadvantages and limits. Participants: Mirella Moro (UFMG), Angelo Ciarlini (Localiza), Murilo Kadanus (Mobi7), Marcello Dos Santos (Curitiba Development Agency) and Vinícius Mota (UFES)

Short Talk

The Role of Data Science and Engineering in Building the Future of Sustainable Mobility

Samuel Oliveira

Localiza Labs - Data Science Coordinator

Competition Organization

  • Angelo Ciarlini, Localiza
  • Diego Roberto Colombo Dias, UFSJ
  • Flavio Vinicius Diniz de Figueiredo, UFMG
  • José Ricardo Gonçalvez, Localiza
  • Samuel Oliveira, Localiza
  • Vinícius Fernandes Soares Mota, UFES