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The registration to WebMedia 2019 must be performed through the ECOS system (SBC). You must have an account on ECOS system to perform the registration. If you do not have an ECOS account yet, you can create one by accessing it.


Type Category Anticipated
(until 09/09/2019)
(until 10/15/2019)
Last hour
(after 10/15/2019)
Student (High-school/Technical course) R$ 30,00 R$ 40,00 R$ 50,00
Student (Undergraduate) SBC or ACM member R$ 60,00 R$ 80,00 R$ 100,00
Combo (WebMedia registration + SBC association)  R$ 81,00 R$ 101,00 R$ 121,00
Não sócio (WebMedia registration only) R$ 87,00 R$ 109,00 R$ 131,00
Student (Graduate) SBC or ACM member R$ 140,00 R$ 160,00 R$ 180,00
Combo (WebMedia registration + SBC association)  R$ 225,00 R$ 245,00 R$ 265,00
Não sócio (WebMedia registration only) R$ 239,00 R$ 261,00 R$ 283,00
Professional SBC or ACM member R$ 280,00 R$ 320,00 R$ 380,00
Combo (WebMedia registration + SBC association)  R$ 520,00 R$ 560,00 R$ 620,00
Não sócio (WebMedia registration only) R$ 548,00 R$ 592,00 R$ 658,00
Jantar do Evento: R$ 150,00

A documento will have to be uploaded for the categories that demands proof. The document verification may take up to 1 day. Only after being validated by SBC staff the payment options will be enabled. E-mails will be sent on every step of WebMedia 2019 registration process.


An option for those who wish to participate in WebMedia for only one or two days. Once choosing the Day Pass option, it is necessary to indicate the day(s) of interest.

Category Day Pass
1 day
Day Pass
2 days
Student (High-school/Technical course) R$ 20,00 R$ 40,00
Student (Undergraduate) R$ 40,00 R$ 80,00
Student (Graduate) R$ 70,00 R$ 140,00
Professional R$ 120,00 R$ 240,00



WebMedia registration grant access to all the event, which includes:
– technical sessions;
– keynotes;
– parallel events: CTD, WTIC, WFA, WCT-Video and jAUTI;
– short courses (through subscription and subject to availability);
– openning cocktail;
– coffee-breaks.


Accepted papers must have at least one author registration. Author’s registration must be made until September 09th.


Payment of registrations can be made by means of bank slip, credit card, debit to Banco do Brasil account, note of commitment or billing, through the ECOS system. The registration can be made until the last day of the event, but payments by debit and bank slip will be closed on 10/24/2019. After that date you will be able to pay by credit card, note of commitment and billing. For those who can not make payment in one of the ways mentioned, they can pay in cash at the event secretariat.


Until 10/21/2019, a refund of up to 80% of the amount paid for the subscription to WebMedia 2019 can be made. After this date there will be no refund of any amount paid. The policy applies both to the cancellation of the registration and to the cancellation of any additional activity. To request cancellation, send an email to

Click here to do your registration in WebMedia 2019!