Student Support

This year we are pleased to announce that the Special Committee on Multimedia Systems and the Web (CE-WebMedia) has the financial resources to provide cost-help to the authors of the selected papers. These resources are intended for students who have papers accepted on any of the symposium tracks (full articles, short articles, and workshops) and attend the conference by personally presenting their research. Student support will be made available to cover only part of the student’s costs and will be paid retroactively, i.e., after the student’s participation in the symposium. Moreover, only one support per author will be given, regardless of the amount of work published on any track of the event.

Only Brazilian students, members of SBC, can receive support from CE-WebMedia for participating in WebMedia 2019. Also, when requesting the support, the students must be with their paid enrollment.

The student support (estimated to be approximately R$ 350.00) is expected to cover accommodation costs for 3 (three) nights in a double room in a hotel indicated by the event. The number of students receiving support and the amount of support will depend on the number of approved aid applications.

To apply for the student support, students must complete the application form.

The deadline for requesting support for WebMedia 2019 is September 10, 2019.