Workshop on Undergraduate Research Work (WTIC)

The Workshop on Undergraduate Research Work (WTIC) is part of the XXV Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web (WebMedia 2019) and is dedicated to the presentation and discussion of undergraduate research works, in progress or recently completed, performed by undergraduate students in the areas of Multimedia, Hypermedia and Web. Authors are invited to submit papers that include proposals, partial results and final results of their technological and scientific research. Students who have recently graduated may also submit their papers.

The main goal of WTIC is to stimulate the integration of undergraduate students with academia and industry. The topics of interest of the event are the same as the main track. The papers will be reviewed by the WTIC Program Committee and selected papers will be presented at the workshop, conditioned upon the student’s registration at the event. The works accepted and presented in WTIC will be published electronically.

This year we are pleased to announce that the Special Committee on Multimedia and Web Systems (CE-WebMedia) has the financial resources to provide cost help to the authors of the selected papers. Detailed instructions on the conditions of the aid will be displayed on the student support page.

Papers should be submitted exclusively in PDF format through the JEMS System. It is strongly encouraged that the authors emphasize in the articles whether the presented results bring contributions to other projects and, where appropriate, provide links to additional information on the results (eg tools produced, databases, videos and detailed graphics).

Papers have to be written to allow for “double-blind review”. This requires that authors identification are replaced by “removed for double-blind review” in the paper begin and references to previews works.

Papers can be written in English or Portuguese and must follow the specifications of the template, containing a maximum of 4 (four) pages. Articles written in Portuguese should include abstract in English and, optionally, abstract in Portuguese. Only the PDF format will be accepted at the time of submission.


Important dates

Submission dates can be found on the important dates page.



Álan Guedes (PUC-Rio)
Kele Belloze (CEFET/RJ)

Program Committee

Alessandreia Oliveira (UFJF)
André Damasceno (UFMA)
André Neves (UFPE)
Antonio Busson (PUC-Rio)
Antonio de Carvalho Jr (USP)
Carlos Ferraz (UFPE)
Carlos Soares Neto (UFMA)
Daniel Souza (UFERSA)
Daves Martins (IF SUDESTE MG)
Douglas Cardoso (CEFET/RJ)
Eduardo Albuquerque (UFG)
Ewerton Salvador (UFPB)
Fabio de Jesus Lima Gomes (IFPI)
Felipe Henriques (CEFET/RJ)
Fernando Trinta (UFC)
Flavio Gonzaga (UNIFAL)
Frank Siqueira (UFSC)
Frederico Durao (UFBA)
Glauco Amorim (CEFET/RJ)
Graça Bressan (POLI-USP)
Guilherme Lima (IBM Research)
Guilherme Schardong (PUC-Rio)
Heder Bernardino (UFJF)
Joel dos Santos (CEFET/RJ)
Julio Melo (UFRN)
Laura Assis (CEFET/RJ)
Lincoln David Nery e Silva (UFPB)
Marcelo Moreno (UFJF)
Marcos Roriz Junior (UFG)
Marcos Seruffo (UFPA)
Mario Teixeira (UFMA)
Mario Godoy Neto (UFPE)
Marx Viana (PUC-Rio)
Raoni Kulesza (UFPB)
Renata Galante (UFRGS)
Renato Bulcão Neto (UFG)
Ricardo Mendes (UFES)
Roberto Gerson Azevedo (EPFL)
Rodrigo Santos (IBM Research)
Rostand Costa (UFPB)
Ruan Gomes (IFPB)
Rudinei Goularte (USP)
Thaís Gaudêncio do Rego (UFPB)
Thiago Silva-de-Souza (UNIGRANRIO)
Tiago Maritan (UFPB)
Tiago Trojahn (USP/IFSP)
Valdecir Becker (UFPB)
Windson Viana (UFC)
Yuri Malheiros (UFPB)