Instructions to Accepted Papers

Instruction to the final version of workshop and postar papers

It is necessary yo prepare a final version using the ACM template adapted to WebMedia 2019 (Word and Latex versions are available at):
– Thesis and Dissertation Contest (CTD);
– Workshop on Undergraduate Research Work (WTIC);
– Tools and Applications Workshop (WFA) and
– Poster Session.

It is also necessary to fill and send the SBC WebMedia2019 Copyright Assignment Agreement.

To deliver the final version and the contract you need to access your Workshop’s JEMS submission system and upload the final version and the contract.

Some general information about the final version:

  • Due to the impossibility o generating the DOI prior to publication, remove this information from the first page. Authors using the LaTeX template shall remove the command \acmDOI in the paper and edit the acmart.cls file commenting the line 1634 (insert a % in the begin of the line). After that, recompile the paper.
  • The article can be written in English or Portuguese. In the case of articles written in Portuguese, it is necessary to include an “abstract” and “keywords” in English.
  • The article cannot contain “abstract” and “keywords” in Portuguese;
  • The article cannot contain the CSS Concepts section of the ACM template;
  • Article pages cannot be numbered;
  • The page size of the article is Letter (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm);
  • In place of the ACM License area, the article should contain publication information according to the templates provided.
  • For Word users it is necessary to install the ACM Fonts (in C:\Windows\Fonts) so that the proceedings fonts are used (they are available together with each workshop template).
Poster Session Banner Production Info:
  • Banner production guidelines (soon)
  • WebMedia´19 logo (soon)
  • SBC logo (soon)