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A contextual approach to improve the user's experience in interactive recommendation systems

Nícollas Silva (UFMG), Heitor Werneck (UFSJ), Thiago Silva (UFSJ), Leonardo Rocha (UFSJ), Adriano Machado Pereira (UFMG)


A Haptic System for Switching Wind Temperatures Based on Ultrasonic Vibrations, Peltier Elements, and Electrical Resistances for Multisensory Applications

Eduardo Corrêa Rodrigues (UFES), Estêvão Saleme (IFES), Celso Alberto Saibel Santos (UFES)


A Systematic Process for Computing Bourdieusian Social Capital within Institutional Profiles on Twitter

Guilherme Ferreira (IFG), Alan Keller Gomes (IFG)


Code Complexity Impact of Widgets Accessibility Implementation in JavaScript Open-Source Libraries

Willian Watanabe (UTFPR), Guilherme de Lemos (UTFPR), Humberto Antonelli (USP), Renata Fortes (USP), Gabriel Costa Silva (UTFPR)


Extracting Textual Features from Video Streaming Services Publications to Predict their Popularity

Sidney de Sá (UFF), Aline Paes (UFF), Antonio Rocha (UFF)


Human Pose Estimation for Training Assistance: a Systematic Literature Review

Gisela Miranda Difini (Unisinos), Marcio Martins (Unisinos), Jorge Barbosa (Unisinos)


Learning Textual Representations frozm Multiple Modalities to Detect Fake News Through One-Class Learning

Marcos Gôlo (USP), Mariana Souza (USP), Rafael Rossi (UFMS), Solange Rezende (USP), Bruno Nogueira (UFMS), Ricardo Marcacini (USP)


Pattern Identification of Bot Messages for Media Literacy

Eric Santos (UFRJ), Danilo S. Carvalho (UFRJ), Jonice Oliveira (UFRJ)


PixRadio - a new anaglyphic reversion technique based on radiometric differences reduction

André Dutra Costa (USP), Felipe Rodrigues (USP), Rudinei Goularte (USP)


Quality Enhancement of Highly Degraded Musics Using Deep Learning-Based Prediction Models for Lost Frequencies

Arthur Serra (PUC-Rio), Antonio Busson (PUC-Rio), Alan Guedes (PUC-Rio), Sérgio Colcher (PUC-Rio)


Supervised Learning for Misinformation Detection in WhatsApp

Julio Reis (UFV), Fabricio Benevenuto (UFMG)


Towards a Pragmatic Interoperability on the MIDAS Middleware

Elivaldo Ribeiro (UFSB), Luis Jesus (UFBA), Daniela Barreiro Claro (UFBA), Natan Moura (UFBA)

A Cluster-Based Method for Action Segmentation Using Spatio-Temporal and Positional Encoded Embeddings

Guilherme Marques (PUC-Rio), Antonio Busson (PUC-Rio), Alan Guedes (PUC-Rio), Sérgio Colcher (PUC-Rio)


A Proposed Accessible Videoconferencing Interface for People with Hearing Disabilities

Matheus Lima de Araújo (UFPB), Raoni Kulesza (UFPB), Guido de Souza Filho (UFPB)


An Ontological Model and Services for Capturing and Tracking Provenance in Decentralized Social Networks

Cíntia da Costa Souza (UFBA), José Ronaldo Júnior (UFBA), Cassio Prazeres (UFBA)


DOP-MS: A Microservice-based Data Offloading Service with Support for Data Anonymisation

Vitória Silvestre (UFC), Francisco Gomes (UFC), Adriano Lima Cândido (UFC / Faculdade Vale do Salgado), Filipe de Matos (UFC), Lincoln Rocha (UFC), Fernando Trinta (UFC)


@grogest_Ambiental: A Web-based Decision Support System for agribusiness

Thiago Feijo (UFJF), José Maria David (UFJF), Regina Braga (UFJF), Marcelo Henrique Otênio (Embrapa), Vanessa Paula (Embrapa), Gabriele Medeiros dos Santos (GM Consultoria Ambiental), Fernanda Campos (UFJF), Victor Stroele (UFJF)


Ingredient Substitute Recommendation Based on Collaborative Filtering and Recipe Context for Automatic Allergy-Safe Recipe Generation

Luciano Pacífico (UFPE), Larissa Britto (UFPE), Teresa Ludermir (UFPE)


Mobile Application Recommendation based on Demographic and Device Information

Raissa Souza (UFV), Gabriel Coimbra (UFV), Leonardo Figueiredo (UFV), Fabrício Silva (UFV), Thais Braga Silva (UFV)


PhysioAR: An augmented reality system applied in respiratory physiotherapy for hypertensive patients

Matheus da Silva (UFSCar), Francis Pacagnelli (Unoeste), Leandro Almeida (Unoeste), Robson Siscoutto (Unoeste)


Point and Control it! Using Computer Vision for Service Discovery to Control Smart Objects

Paulo Filipe dos Santos Dantas (UFC), Windson Viana (UFC), José Gilvan Rodrigues Maia (UFC)


Should I See or Should I Go: Automatic Detection of Sensitive Media in Messaging Apps

Arthur Serra (PUC-Rio), Paulo Renato Conceição Mendes (PUC-Rio), Pedro Almeida de Freitas (PUC-Rio), Antonio Busson (PUC-Rio), Alan Guedes (PUC-Rio), Sérgio Colcher (PUC-Rio)


Systematic mapping of the literature on mobile apps for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Maico Krause (UFAC), Macilon Costa Neto (UFAC)


Towards Understanding the Use of Telegram by Political Groups in Brazil

Manoel Júnior (UFMG), Philipe Melo (UFMG), Ana Paula Couto da Silva (UFMG), Fabricio Benevenuto (UFMG), Jussara Almeida (UFMG)



Artigos Curtos Aceitos


2DrowSys: an anti-drowsiness device for motorcyclists

Pablo Silva (IFBA), Manoel Marques (IFBA)


A Sentiment-Based Multimodal Method to Detect Fake News

Igor Maia (IME), Marcelo de Souza (IME), Flávio Silva (IME), Paulo Freire (IME), Ronaldo Goldschmidt (IME)


Aquedücte: A Data Integration Service for Smart Cities

Jorge Silva (UFRN), João de Almeida (UFRN), Thais Batista (UFRN), Everton Cavalcante (UFRN)


How Twitter has been used for share pedophilia content in 2020: A empirical study

Raphael Coelho (UFRJ), Jonice de Oliveira (UFRJ)


iOTA: An Approach to Secure Over-The-Air Updates on the Internet of Things Scenario

Cleber Peter (UCPEL), Thayná Oliveira (UCPEL), Eduardo Monks (FATEC SENAC PELOTAS), Jorge Barbosa (Unisinos), Fernanda Mota (FURG), Adenauer Yamin (UCPEL/UFPEL)


How Twitter has been used for share pedophilia content in 2020: A empirical study

Raphael Coelho (UFRJ), Jonice de Oliveira (UFRJ)


Predicting the User Intention in Web Search

Gilson Fonseca (UFJF), Jairo Souza (UFJF), Eduardo Barrére (UFJF)


Semantically Time Tracking of Events from Web Documents

Welton Santos (UFSJ), Elverton Fazzion (UFSJ/UFMG), Elisa Albergaria (UFSJ), Diego Dias (UFSJ), Marcelo Guimarães (UFSP), Leonardo Rocha (UFSJ)


Upper Limb Motion Tracking and Classification: A Smartphone Approach

Luis Rodrigues (USP), Diego Dias (UFSJ), Marcelo Guimarães (UNIFESP), Alexandre Brandão (UNICAMP), Leonardo Rocha (UFSJ), Rogerio Iope (UNESP), José Brega (UNESP)

A Mobile Tool for Collecting and Labeling Data on Twitter's Network Sociability Practices

Guilherme Ferreira (IFG), Alan Keller Gomes (IFG)


An Approach for Automatic Description of Characters for Blind People

Itamar Filho (UFPB), João Teixeira (UFPB), Felipe Sousa (UFPB), João Lins (UFPB), Tiago Maritan (UFPB)


Building a Restaurant-Specific Sentiment Lexicon via Probability Theory

Tiago de Melo (UEA)


IoT Helmet: an intelligent helmet for locating accidented bikers

Kleyton da Silva (Fatec), Márcio Sabino (Fatec), Eliandro da Silva (Fatec), Luciano Marin (UNIFOR)


MAAT: Multisensorial Audiobooks Authoring Tool

Helder Yukio Okuno (CEFET/RJ), Flavio Carvalho (CEFET/RJ), Gustavo Guedes (CEFET/RJ)


Multimodal intent classification with incomplete modalities using text embedding propagation

Victor Gonzaga (USP), Nils Murrugarra-Llerena (Snap Research), Ricardo Marcacini (USP)


ReVera Framework: A Framework for Fact Checking Traceability

João de Souza (UFJF), Elias Assis (UFJF), Fabricio Mendonça (UFJF), Jairo Souza (UFJF)


Sensory Effect Extraction for 360 Media Content

Raphael Abreu (UFF), Joel dos Santos (CEFET/RJ), Débora Muchaluat-Saade (UFF)