This event is held by the Brazilian Computer Society – SBC, SBC is a civil, non-profit association that encourages technological and scientific development in the country and is the largest computing society in South America.

Registration fees for WebMedia 2021 are listed below. We emphasize that students and professionals who are not members of SBC can join (or renew the association) in the registration process. Signing up with SBC membership is the most advantageous option for non-SBC members (check out the benefits of joining SBC).


Checking the Chosen Category

At the time of registration in the ECOS system, for uploads that need some type of proof, a document that certifies the chosen category will be required. Verification of this document can take up to 1 business day. Therefore, we suggest that to avoid any inconvenience do not leave until the last day of the registration range. Only after validation by the SBC team, payment methods will be released. The enrollee will receive informative emails in all stages of the evolution of his enrollment in WebMedia 2021.

Type Category Antecipated 



From 17/08 to 19/10/2021

Last hour

After 20/10/2021

Student (Undergraduate) SBC or ACM member R$36,00 R$46,00 R$56,00
Combo (WebMedia registration + SBC quarterly association) R$44,00 R$54,00 R$64,00
Combo (WebMedia registration + SBC association) R$60,00 R$70,00 R$80,00
Não sócio (WebMedia registration only) R$64,00 R$75,00 R$86,00
Student (Graduate) SBC or ACM member R$76,00 R$86,00 R$96,00
Combo (WebMedia registration + SBC quarterly association) R$108,67 R$118,67 R$128,67
Combo (WebMedia registration + SBC association) R$174,00 R$184,00 R$194,00
Não sócio (WebMedia registration only) R$182,00 R$193,00 R$204,00
Professional SBC or ACM member R$146,00 R$166,00 R$196,00
Combo (WebMedia registration + SBC quarterly association) R$ 239,00 R$ 259,00 R$ 289,00
Combo (WebMedia registration + SBC association) R$425,00 R$445,00 R$475,00
Não sócio (WebMedia registration only) R$440,00 R$462,00 R$495,00


Registration for authors
For accepted articles, it is necessary that at least 1 (one) author is registered and paid for the event. Authors must register until August 16.

Registrations can be made until the last day of the event.

Forms of Payment: Registration payments can be made by bank slip, credit card, debit in Banco do Brasil account, commitment note and billing, through the SBC registration system, however payments by debit and boleto will be closed on 20/10/2021. After that date it will be possible to pay by credit card, commitment note and billing through the registration system.

Registrations by Commitment Note and Billing: The participant must access the ECOS system and register, selecting the form of payment “commitment note” or “billing” and clicking on pay, the system will provide the necessary information that must be included in the note commitment or billing request.

Cancellation policy: Up to 20/10/2021, a refund of 80% of the amount paid for enrollment in WebMedia 2021 can be made. After this date, there will be no refund of any amount paid. The policy applies both to cancellation of registration and to the cancellation of any additional activities. To request cancellation, send an e-mail to


Joining SBC is a way to make SBC even stronger in order to represent our area of ​​expertise with the various sectors. How about joining us? Other reasons to be associated with SBC are:

  • Access to the Eduroam wireless network (only for individuals);
  • Access to RNP’s FileSender;
  • Discount on subscriptions to more than 40 events held annually by SBC;
  • Discount of at least 15% in registration for events supported by SBC;
  • Differentiated registration fee at POSCOMP;
  • Access to studies carried out by SBC and destined for public or private bodies, expressing the Company’s political positions

Check the specific benefits of each category on the SBC website.