Dia 28 de Outubro, Quarta-feira

Painel: The Status quo of Social Customer Relationship Management in Brazil: opportunities and challenges

Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach to use Social Media and their data to improve customer relationships. The aim of the panel is to raise awareness on the opportunities and challenges of Social Media in the field of CRM and to discuss promising areas for research with a particular focus on the Brazilian context. Even though the use of Social Media is very popular in Brazil and even in remote locations small business have a Social Web presence, its actual utilization for business purposes is still very low. The panel shall provide an overview about the topic and relevant research questions for the application of Social CRM in Brazil. Furthermore, it aims to attract researchers from various disciplines to the topic of Social CRM in order to foster a multidisciplinary dialog in the field. The panel will be comprised of four short presentations on the project, the analysis challenge, the potentials of using Social Media data in CRM processes and the challenge of measuring the business value of Social CRM. They will provide the audience an overview about key issues in Social CRM, establish the basis for discussion about its current status and directions for research. The organizers started a four year academia-industry project with the aim to shed more light on the value, potentials and required technologies connected with Social CRM and to transfer this knowledge to Brazilian companies. Thus, potential collaborators that are expected to be identified who can join and/or support the initiative to ensure dialog is sustained and opportunities are tapped into.

Planned presentations

The slots for the panel will be comprised of several short presentation followed by a targeted discussion with the panellists and the audience. The full panel is planned for 90 min. Each slot shall have at about 10-15min and is expected to be predominantly discussion-oriented. In addition, a 15min slot is also planned for, in which the project “German-Brazilian partnerships for Social CRM” will be briefly presented.

Title Brief Description Lecturer(s) Duration
German-Brazilian partnerships for Social CRM Overview about the academiaindustry project currently being carried out by the Federal University of Pará and the University of Leipzig Rainer Alt 15 min
Concept and requirements of the integrated Social CRM Introduction to the integrated Social CRM model, which deals with the issue on how to integrate Social Media into CRM processes Olaf Reinhold 15 min
Unique aspects to Social CRM in Brazil It shall address which characteristics are unique to Brazil in the use of the social media and Social CRM, particularly in relation to Europe/Germany, e.g., concerning the application of data to relationship management and cultural issues Antonio Jacob Jr (Harry Cruz) 15 min
Challenges for Social Media Analytics It shall address the challenges standing on the way to fully utilize Social Media data for the purpose of CRM. Privacy and data protection issues shall also be discussed. Ádamo Santana (Luiz Neto) 15 min
Business value of Social CRM for the Brazilian context It is concerned with the issues regarding determining and measuring the business value of Social CRM in Brazil what can be done to raise awareness on the potentials, increase acceptance and mitigate risks. Emílio Arruda (Kacio William) 15 min
Discussion   Rainer Alt 15 min


  • Prof. Dr. Rainer Alt, University of Leipzig (Moderator)
  • Prof. Dr. Ádamo Santana, Federal University of Pará
  • Olaf Reinhold, University of Leipzig/Social CRM Research Center
  • Prof. Antonio Jacob Jr., University of Amazon (Belém), Federal University of Pará
  • Prof. Dr. Emílio Arruda, University of Amazon
  • Luiz Cortinhas Neto, Federal University of Pará
  • Harry Cruz, University of Leipzig
  • Kacio William, Amazon Startups (Belém, PA)




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