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Titulo – Apresentador

DynWebStats: A Framework for Determining Dynamic and Up-to-date Web Indicators – Adriano C. Machado Pereira

Extending NCL to Support Multiuser and Multimodal Interactions – Álan Livio V. Guedes

Travel History: Reconstructing Semantic Trajectories Based on Heterogeneous Social Tracks Sources – Amon Veiga Santana

SceneSync: A Hypermedia Authoring Language for Temporal Synchronism of Learning Objects – Antonio José Grandson Busson

Group-based Collaborative Filtering Supported by Multiple Users’ Feedback to Improve Personalized Ranking – Arthur Fortes da Costa

Animated Words Clouds to View and Extract Knowledge from Textual Information – Celso Alberto Saibel Santos

Local Synchronization of Web Applications with Audio Markings – Celso Alberto Saibel Santos

Lua2NCL: Framework for Textual Authoring of NCL Applications using Lua – Daniel de Sousa Moraes

A Framework-based Approach for the Integration of Web-based Information Systems on the Semantic Web – Danillo Ricardo Celino

STEVE: Spatial-Temporal View Editor for Authoring Hypermedia Documents – Douglas Paulo de Mattos

EDUARDO: A semantic model for automatic content integration with an conversational intelligent agent – Fábio Rodrigues dos Santos

Emotional Fingerprint from Authors in Classical Literature – Fabrício Benevenuto

Weight adjusment for multi-criteria ratings in items recommendation – Felipe Born de Jesus

HaaRGlyph: The New Method for Anaglyph Reversion in Stereoscopic Videos – Felipe Maciel Rodrigues

A Contextual Data Offloading Service With Privacy Support – Francisco Anderson de Almada Gomes

STyLe: Extending NCL for providing Dynamic Layouts – Glauco Fiorott Amorim

Predicting Portuguese Steam Review Helpfulness Using Artificial Neural Networks – Jardeson Barbosa

Video Streaming Over Publish/Subscribe – João Martins de Oliveira Neto

A Model-driven Approach for MulSeMedia Application Domain – Marcelo Fernandes de Sousa

A Solution to Discard Context Information using Metrics, Ontology and Fuzzy Logic – Márcio Vinícius Oliveira Sena

A Methodology to Handle Social Media Posts in Brazilian Portuguese for Text Mining Applications – Milton Stiilpen Júnior

Posture Monitoring via Mobile Devices: SmartVest Case Study – Olibário José Machado Neto

Per-Flow Routing with QoS Support to Enhance Multimedia Delivery in OpenFlow SDN – Rafael Fernando Diorio

CÉU-MEDIA: Local Inter-Media Synchronization using CÉU – Rodrigo Costa Mesquita Santos

Study of Gender Preferences for Locations Around the World Using Social Media Data – Thiago H Silva

Study of Google Popularity Times Series for Commercial Establishments of Curitiba and Chicago – Yuri Carlos Bonifácio Neves

Study of Google Popularity Times Series for Commercial Establishments of Curitiba and Chicago – Mozart Neto

Uma Solução para Descarte de Informações de Contexto Baseada em Métricas, Ontologia e Lógica Nebulosa – Renato Bulcão Neto

Artigos curtos

Titulo – Apresentador

For or Against? Polarity Analysis in Tweets About Impeachment Process of Brazil President – Bruno Ábia Souza

Sentiment Analysis of Portuguese Comments from Foursquare – Bruno Ábia Souza

Ubiquitous Computing: Gestures Interaction Applied the Learning Disabilities in Process Literacy – Danielle Teixeira Oliveira

Opinion-meter: a Framework for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis – Darlan Santana Farias

TV-Health: A Context-Aware Health Care Application for Brazilian Digital Tv – Eliezio Gomes De Queiroz Neto

Features of Second Screen Applications: A Systematic Review – Francisca Joamila Brito do Nascimento

A Framework for Creation of Linked Data Mashups: A Case Study on Healthcare – Gabriel Lopes

User Models Development Based on Cross-Domain for Recommender Systems – Gabriela Oliveira Mota da Silva

LETRAS – Communication with Lines, Triangles and Rectangles – Guilherme Matheus de Almeida Ramos

Gender differences in the use of Portuguese in social networks: evidence from LIWC – Gustavo Guedes

Towards a Model for Personality-Based Agents for Emotional Responses – Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva

Creating Non-Linear Interactive Narratives with Fábulas Model – Hedvan Fernandes Pinto

NCL-Tester: Graphic Application for NCL Documents Temporal Test Creation – Joel dos Santos

Experimental Investigation of the SHVC Scalable Video Encoder Architecture – José Valdeni de Lima

Visual Categorization of Apparel Products Combining Bag of Visual Words (BoVW) and Color and Edge Directivity Descriptor (CEDD) – Joyce Miranda dos Santos

Automatic Image Thumbnailing Based on Fast Visual Saliency Detection – Maiko Lie

Optimization of Quality of Service for a Cloud Gaming system using layer catching and motion prediction – Marcelo Tetsuhiro Sadaike

Addressing the Concurrent Access to Smart Objects in Ubiquitous Computing Scenarios – Marcos Alves Vieira

Opportunistic Recording of Live Experiences Using Multiple Mobile Devices – Maria da Graça Campos Pimentel

Hypermedia Content Transmission Plan: Managing the broadcast/multicast delivery – Marina Ivanov Pereira Josué

Improvement in indexes of knowledge areas through the social relations of co-authorship – Rafael Loureiro Serpa de Moraes

A Deep Approach for Handwritten Musical Symbols Recognition – Roberto Matheus Pinheiro Pereira

An Evaluation of Readily Usable Automatic Video Shot Segmentation Techniques – Rodrigo Mitsuo Kishi

Reliability Evaluation of Behavioral Representations from Multimedia Applications – An Experimental Approach – Thiago Monteiro Prota

OffDroid: A Framework for Offline Working in Android Applications – Victor Jerônimo Galdino Lopes de Oliveira